Anime Sunday (DBS Edition)

As you can probably infer from the title of this post, every Sunday at my house we like to get together and watch a few anime episodes. The past several months I have been really focused on Dragon Ball Super (Dragon Ball series has always been one of my favorites), and My Hero Academy(I think this one ended recently though :/). However, these are obviously not the only anime shows I have been interested in, there are many, many others such as 7 deadly sins, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Blue Exorcist, One punch man, Inuyasha (really old one), etcetera, and the list is forever expanding. This week we will be focused on one of the two I mentioned above though, simply because these are the freshest in my memory and I am dying to see what is going to happen with both stories! Now, we have Dragon Ball Super, with this “tournament of power” going on, and all but 1 universe participating will be obliterated, or wiped from existence entirely.Tournament_of_Power_Arena.png To start off, I do not think this is what is going to end up happening, it would not make much sense JUST looking at the characteristics of several of the main players in the tournament. You can see how shocked everyone is when they wipe the first universe to run out of participants, and once Goku gets really emotional about the situation, I feel maybe some of the others participating (besides from his own universe, universe 7), will be more than happy to assist Goku in stopping the gods from destroying any of the other universes. The question is though, how long will it go on before Goku and his team cannot handle it anymore? We are getting very close to having another universe wiped, and I doubt Goku and his friends, will stand by much longer. Which brings me to Jiren, and I have been pushed to think he is merely a power-up for Goku. Initially, he is much more powerful than Goku, to the point that Goku does not stand much of a chance at all. Until he does what he does best, evolving mid-battle. I won’t go into much detail about their first encounter, I would rather not ruin it for anyone who has not actually watched it yet, but some pretty awesome stuff happens. Long story short Goku absorbs his OWN spirit bomb (or it absorbs him?), disappears, and reappears seconds later with unfathomable amounts of power. His eyes change colour, his posture is different, it was almost a complete overhaul of Goku’s normal character.son_goku_ultra_instinct_form_by_rmehedi-dbpwu2b.png From what it seems, he ends up stronger, and faster than Jiren is, and he continued to grow while his power lasted. It was short-winded though, and he ended up wearing out too quickly, and Jiren pretty much beat him. However, during the fight, you see and hear the gods freaking out about how powerful Goku was during this burst of energy, and I believe they call it Ultra instinct. A level of transcendence that the gods themselves have a hard time reaching, with mass amounts of training and concentration. They even mention some sort of awakening Goku must have experienced, breaking the barrier impeding his progress. After the fight between him and Jiren, Vegeta approaches Goku addressing his new found power, but Goku is as lost and confused as anyone else, and has no idea how to control it, yet! I imagine before the end of the tournament of power, Goku will have, at least for the most part, learned how to use his newfound strength. In the next few episodes we should be seeing another universe disappear, and I don’t think Goku and his team will continue to sit by and watch the other universes come to an end without wanting to put it to a stop. Perhaps Goku’s newfound power will be enough for him to challenge Zen and the other gods, finally putting an end to the destruction of all but one of the nine universes. I’ve given thought to someone using the super dragon balls to resurrect the other eight universes, but this just seems too easy in my opinion, and very unlikely depending on who the last man standing is. Whether or not Goku will face off with the priest, or maybe even Zen, I am unsure of, but it would be a heck of a lot cooler than someone simply wishing all the universes back with the super dragon balls.image-9 With this weeks episode, Goku seems to be making a comeback, even entering Super Sayain God ( Red hair, and eyes) while facing off with the two Sayain girls from universe six. Once the fight has reached this point, he has completely outclassed the other two Sayains, attempting to finish them with his Kamehameha with which he successfully knocks them out of bounds, but not before they manage to fuse with one another! They dash back to the tournament fighting stage and demonstrate enough power to put Goku back on the ropes before the episode comes to an end. With the previews you see Goku ends up using Super Sayain Blue King Kai Fist in attempt to beat their fusion, however, the title of the next episode mentions Super Sayain Blue defeated, so I’m not sure what will happen with next Sunday’s episode. This does not mean Goku will lose this battle though, I think it is very likely he may come back, and maybe even enter the new form he took when he faced off with Jiren, or maybe end up fusing with Vegeta, or Gohan, enticing Jiren to come out of the meditation in which he set himself in previously. But that is all just speculation from yours truly, I’d love to read about what others think about the upcoming episodes, or other anime shows they like watching, don’t be afraid to share or comment below, until next time!


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