Anime Sunday (Black Clover Edition)

This week I chose to write about a new anime series, I believe it started airing the 3rd of last month, it is only 6 episodes in with a new episode playing every Tuesday!

I am not sure how well it will end up turning out in the long run, hopefully not just another one that will never get finished, or ends up being dragged out as long as possible, but here is to hope for another great anime series! It starts off in a small, poor town where a priest finds two baby orphan boys (Yuno and Asta) which he raises as his own.

Black Clover

Yuno and Asta seem very distant in the beginning of the series, but a couple of episodes in you will see they actually have more love, and respect for each other than anything. Although they are very much different from one another, Asta is a very loud and obnoxious character, who never gives in (a lot like Naruto and many other protagonists)! Yuno, on the other hand, was a crybaby, who later grows to be a very calm, collective type character, but only because of his support from Asta it seems. When they were younger they made a promise to be each other’s rival, on their journey to becoming the Wizard King. This all took place after a life-changing event, for Yuno transpired, Asta came to his rescue throwing himself at the grown man who was meaninglessly beating Yuno down for his amulet, getting knocked down and getting back up over, and over again until the worthless man gives in and walks away.Black Clover2.png At the very beginning of the series you know it is based in a world full of magic, where magic seems to be everything! Knowing this you would not expect the main character (Asta) of the series to have no magical capabilities at all. Instead, he has a tremendous will, and muscle power from constant training he puts himself through, trying to constantly better himself, become stronger, so one day he can become the Wizard King, the most important person in the entire kingdom, second only to the position of the King himself. However, there is one huge problem… The Wizard King is supposed to be a wizard with great magical powers, but Asta does not plan on letting that get in his way. Even after he figures out he has no magic within him, from what anyone can tell, what so ever. Then comes another heroic display, with Asta attempting to save Yuno from an exiled Magic Knight, who resorted to stealing Yuno’s four-leaf clover grimoire claiming it would sell for a massive amount to some underground buyers, and Asta finally receives his grimoire after a good beat down!blackclover3With his new power, and a crazy look in his eyes, he smashes the Magic Knight sending him flying into a wall, defeating him in one blow. I’m not sure what his grimoire is yet, or how he spawned so much power after wielding it for the first time, but I imagine that will come later in the story. For now, we have heard references of a demon residing in the fifth leaf of the clover (Asta’s book has a five leaf clover), and we know one of the previous, or present Wizard Kings/King, destroyed many demons protecting humanity from them. Maybe the power of the strongest demon, or of all the demons, reside in Asta’s grimoire and his urge to never give in enticed the book to choose him, as he mentions later, his will to never give up is his magic power. Who will end up becoming Wizard king between the two main characters? Asta with his brute power and his sheer will to never give I think stands a great chance, for most characters in these stories tend to end up becoming stronger than anyone else due to the constant pressure of having to be better and become stronger. Yuno, on the other hand, has exceptional magical capabilities and is very calm and collective as I mentioned before, which gives him the upper hand in many different ways. They both end up Magic Knights, however, Yuno has the option of joining whichever team he desires and ends up in the best branch of Magic knights there is to offer. Asta ends up joining what seems to be the worst, but I like them a lot, and believe it matches his character more than any of the others would have.Black_Bulls_welcome_their_captain.png The Black Bulls remind me a lot of the Fairy Tale house, in the anime series Fairy Tale of course. If you haven’t watched this series yet, I highly recommend it! Back to the subject though, the Black Bulls seem like a very “family” oriented branch of Magical Knights, perhaps the most so. Asta receives a rough, yet warm welcome into his squad, Yuno does not see the same. One of the first of his comrades he meets mentions he is nothing but a peasant from the boonies and does not deserve to be in his superior squad, which normally consist of nothing but nobles and royal blood. It may seem as though Yuno has the upper hand, with his squad having more to offer in a materialistic sense. Asta, however, has a squad that looks to have his back, and will more than likely want to see him prevail in his journey to becoming the Wizard King. Yuno I do not believe will have this luxury, but Asta and Yuno will always be there for each other no matter which squad the other may be a part of. I have a feeling it may very well be possible for both Asta, and Yuno to become the Wizard King at the same time, presenting the first time in this universes history, where two people are simultaneously the Wizard King. Having two people capable of toping every one else with sheer power as Wizard King… I do not see where the people of the Kingdom will have a problem with this, more power to protect, and serve, right? Here I go with the speculation again (hahaha), I am not quite sure what is coming next with this series, but I sure hope they keep it interesting! I would love to read what everyone else thinks about it, and what anime shows have you guys been keeping up with? Let me know in the comments below, feel free to follow and share if you enjoy the content! Much love, until next time!Black-Clover-revela-primeiro-Trailer-Anime-726x400


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