DBS Episode 115: Goku vs Kefla

Last night I watched the new episode of Dragon Ball Super and was rather surprised. With one aspect of the fight anyway… This episode starts off where the last left off (obviously haha), with Goku being put on the ropes by Kefla, a fusion of Caulifa and Kale, Caulifa’s apprentice. As you would expect their new found power seems to be quite overwhelming for Goku to start, since when does he begin a fight at full power? They beat him around a bit until he decides to use his Super Sayain Blue King Kai Fist. Kefla goes Super Sayain as well, but the power difference seems to be in Goku’s favor, until they land a sneaky shot on him, knocking him down and out of his Super Sayain Blue form.Super-Saiyan-Kefla-in-Dragon-Ball-Super-episode-115-e1510384256447 He lays there in his normal form, and decides to push his limits and stand up again stating, “I’m not finished yet” as Kefla is about to blow him off the arena. She sends a barrage of powerful Ki blasts towards Goku, but right before they land ( and here was the surprise, for me) Goku hits Ultra Instinct form again! The same form we saw when he fought Jiren, and you also see Jiren being enticed out of his meditation in the previews for the next episode, meaning he is probably wanting to re-enter the fight. However, the next episode I imagine will be more so based on Goku vs Kale, and Goku vs Jiren probably won’t happen again until a little later sadly. If they fight again at all?jiren.jpg But now we have a few exciting things going on in the tournament, and I can not wait to see what they have planned. First, we have Goku re-entering Ultra Instinct form, bringing Jiren out of his meditation and it even appears Goku may power up while in this form in the next episode! Second, we have the fact that the Zenns are actually going to allow Potara fusion, which was originally against the rules of the tournament, resulting in automatic disqualification. So we have some interesting twist coming in to play, and there is still so much more that could happen. I do feel like it is being dragged on, which seems to be a constant with Dragon Ball series (3 episode long spirit bomb charge to kill kid Buu XD), but the excitement of what is coming next is what always seems to keep me coming back I suppose. Let us know what you think in the comments! Until next time!dbs.jpgI DO NOT CLAIM COPYRIGHTS/OWNERSHIP OF ANY OF THE PHOTOS USED HERE

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2 thoughts on “DBS Episode 115: Goku vs Kefla

  1. Just loved to watch goku’s ultra instinct form …….. I think Kefla is fast learner will reach the blue form but will be getting wasted and universe 6 will loose the 2 people, but can possible that they will stand against jiren as he is waking up by feeling the challenge/interest from his deep meditation by the power of Kale again ….

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    • I agree, I loved when Goku hit Ultra instinct form again! I did not expect him to get knocked off, but did not expect to see him hit this new form again so soon. Kefla is a really first learner, and she very well may hit super sayin blue fighting against Goku. And who knows, maybe it will be a 3 way battle between Goku, Kefla, and Jiren. I can not wait to see what is coming next! Your opinion is much appreciated 😁😁 thank you!

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